Project 1 / Self & Life Long Learning

Learning Strategy Resource and Guide Book

The first is a book on self-learning strategies for life long learning in congruence with the changing times, technological advances and new learning paradigms. This book is intended to be a guide on learning and study strategies and techniques that help the learner focus their aim based on their individual aspirations or desires and provide a platform for lifelong learning on any topic or subject be it a certification/license, for a job, school test or just for individual learning. We want this book to help individuals, educators, trainers or entrepreneurs create their own study system for quick or in depth learning.

Project 2 / Meaningful, Fulfilling and Gratifying Work

Work/Career/Job Search Resource and Guide Book

The second is a book on work, (in which the definition we currently use should and will change), careers and or jobs which is an extension on the study strategies individual learning desires but aimed at providing information based on the new work paradigms,  current and future employment practices. We want to prepare you for the new economy, recommend certifications/license to take that are most profitable while alleviating or eliminating education debt altogether. We want to inform you on things like automation and robotics, recruiters and things like what outsourcing companies are paid to pay you, how to deal with them and maneuver the modern work/career/job market. We aim at creating a book that will assist you in finding the most gratifying and lucrative employment currently available and reasonable to your liking.

Project 3 / Dream It, Build It, Be It!

Entrepreneur and Business Book

The final book is an extension on the previous two but on entrepreneurship, collaborative commons, processes, best practices and lessons learned on my journey and those of others to provide you with means to get your own company off the ground and running. This book is meant to be a guide to help the individual become an entrepreneur based on their own desires and personal interest, while providing them with insight into the practices of business and doing business.