Uprising 2020

Uprising 2020                                                                                                             5 June 2020

We are system thinkers, holistic thinkers, we look at root causes. The 2020 Uprising is a lot bigger than George Floyd. This is about a system corrupt to the core. This is about over half a century pent up aggression and distrust. If you want someone to blame, it is not black people, it’s not white people as a whole, it’s not the police as a whole. We all have a common enemy!

The root cause is the corporations that have our government by the balls. The root cause is the corrupt corporations and financial system. The root cause is that we have all been sold out by crooked corporations, a corrupt financial system and the decadent. These corporate entities want the lowest bidders to work for them at our expense. Just google, “Foreign Born population and its effects on US economy”, congressional procurement will tell you exactly what is happening, cheap labor. Globalization, Technologization and Financialization could be good things for all but only the decadent are allowed to play or participate so the rest of us can be cogs in their garbage corporations. It’s not immigrants’ fault, they are just looking for better lives for themselves and their families and we (our wars) displace many of them anyway.

It is our large corporations that sold us all out and moved over seas and should have been taxed appropriately to compensate for our losses and community degradation. They moved overseas for cheap labor so that they could reap more money leaving your communities with gaping wounds and destitute. These crooked corporations had think tanks that knew the devastation that would occur when they moved these industries. They sold us a bill of goods with jobs, on the job training, benefits, pensions, and retirement to make them rich. Then they turned around and took everything from us that makes a job slightly ok and left us with nothing but a measly wage for our toiling labor.

They took our “regular jobs” and gave us outsource work (temp or gig jobs). They took away our health care with the jobs. They took away our “on the job training” and made us pay for training, licensing and certifications out of our pockets. They took away our benefits (vacation, paid time off, perks and bonuses) by outsourcing us. They took away pensions by privatizing us like they did with healthcare, are doing with public schools and will do with police. They are taking away our retirement and playing with it as blackjack in a casino in the stock market. The crooked corporations are incorporating us and our lives to enrich themselves and leave us with ideas, hard work and empty pockets.

Money has become the God of many of the Decadent and they wish to be your god. You talk about free trade and free market and sanctions in the same sentence. Your Milton Friedman, Chicago gangster policies have brought ruin upon us. These corporate entities have no concern for the communities in which they reside. They have no concern for you and me, the people, the people they use, step on and throw in the garbage as soon as they are done. Record breaking profits, government welfare hand outs and only raises for the guard dogs and scapegoats (middle management), C Suite and shareholders after each recession and while we, the people, get scraps and crumbs. Political figures getting corporate super pac handouts while we get layoffs and pay cuts.

They privatized our health care. They are privatizing our education. They will privatize our police next because of their (the police) own indulgence for power and inability to have foresight. We voted for you not long ago in that proposition last time you were talked about being privatized. They will privatize everything and you, the people, will be incorporated into subjugation.

I am definitely no advocate for “the police” however once privatized, a contractor, security guard, basically a mercenary will be able to punch you in the face and say, what. The little law we do have left, will be at the behest of the sheriff and whoever they deputize when needed (that could be a Private Military Contractor or militia).  I believe the US Marshalls will have to be bolstered again to handle the federal amount of jurisdiction issues but will be in no amount equipped to handle the amount of cases. These are all things to think about and contemplate in our current dilemma.

Our military and police fight for resources and property for corporations while people complain about Eric Prince’s PMCs, at least they are disillusioned and better paid. You talk about law and the right way to do things while draining countries of their resources and consistently neglecting, your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free as a knee obstructs their airway.

Soldiers, Sheriffs, Police, which side of history are you on, the corporations or the people. The financial system or your offspring’s future. What law are you upholding when bankers get away with robbing whole countries blind for countless trillions and a man is killed by you for $20. If its law you uphold, what does it even matter if it is unjust. What happened to justice? What are you doing?

Your corporate entities bring doom and destruction wherever they go, destroying the planet for the youth while your financial system squanders pension of the elderly. For more than a hundred years you pillaged the progressions of African Americans after the civil war as they struggle and consistently deny them reparations. To this day the financial system, the economic system the global system is biased against them.


You must cease your crooked, corrupt and decadent corporate ways and unhand the jewels of the government or the people will do it for you. Then you will be down here with us to feel the pain, the displeasure and the anguish!

There is a better way!

This system has the resources and ability to provide prosperity for us all. A large percentage of everything has moved to zero marginal cost but the crooked corporations are even  hogging all of the free and open source resources, turning them into profit centers and leaving us with subscription services and paywalls to extrude more of the scraps and crumbs they allow us to have.

Corporate greed is extensive, rampant, corrupt to the core and needs to be halted.

As they say, “One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch”, and that is scientifically true. In our case, it’s always a few “bad apples” that spoil it for the many. That few is the crooked corporate C Suite and above. That few is the corrupt financial system. That few is the Decadent!

The Decadent will destroy us all!!!

Legacy Rising

The United States of America is one of the youngest countries in the world and has for the last one hundred plus years dominated the world in many arenas such as growth, industry and military might. This great nation is the home of many great warriors. Some of which fought in every war this country has had and still valiantly fight to this day. These warriors fought for this nation in all its battles and yet have received little benefit for their bravery. From the buffalo soldiers to the red wings to the soldiers of today we continue to fight our countries battles on the land and on the sea. Today these warriors are fighting a different fight, a fight on the home front, a fight for justice, a fight for life.

Those warriors are the USADOS!!!

In the military there are numerous strategies and warriors use many of them. For this article’s example, we use somewhat of a three-pronged strategy. First, in the United States military there are soldiers that we call pathfinders. These soldiers find locations to create waypoints and infiltration points into and out of enemy territory developing communications and logistics for forces to come.

There is a great analogy here because these military examples fit together quite well to formulate our perspective. Today I could say that over the life of Rev. Jessie Jackson, Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Edwin Nichols, Dr. Frances Luella Cress Welsing, Dr. Joy Ann Degruy, Dr. Kevin W. Cosby,  William A. Darity Jr., James Clingman and many others are path finders. These pathfinders created waypoints and infiltration points into the territory of the political arena that has been subverted by gatekeepers and has not been seen or available to the middle class Afro-Americans USADOS since the civil rights movement of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Josephine Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer Townsend and Malcolm X. I personally consider Michelle Alexander and Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates the last path finders for this New Era. The pathfinders of Dr. Anderson’s time have been ever so slowly and sometimes silently cutting away at the edges of the subversion that has been deeply engrained into the governance systems in this greatest country in the world.

Second, there was once another larger group or division of soldiers which were called trailblazers. These soldiers spearheaded their movements into German territory during WWII.

In the United States military, the trailblazers move in to carve out a path. In this situation the pathfinders laid the groundwork for the trailblazers to blaze and solidify a trail for a commonwealth of Afro-Americans to delineate under a banner of #ADOS and the flag of the United States. Dr. Claude Anderson’s long march, Michelle Alexander’s, Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates’ and Dr. Joy Angela DeGruy’s work now come into play.

From my angle, perspective or vantage point, enters Yvette Carnell, of Breaking Brown, a full throated advocate for African Americans which has adjusted the narrative of blacks in this country. We can clearly see that the mainstream media has taken many of her talking points and ran with them while not acknowledging her work. She takes the baton of reparations from Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates and moves forward at the speed of the internet for a modern reparations movement. Antonio Moore of Tone Talks a fiery lawyer and Emmy nominated producer of Crack in the System works with a lot of the data and analysis of ADOS. He acquires the torch of Michelle Alexander both being in the law profession and blazes a trail of data for us to review. Finally, known ally Irami Osei-Frimpong of The Funky Academic takes the baton from Joy Angela DeGruy on the philosophical perspective. These trailblazers are advancing a new trail, in which the path that was found by the pathfinders Dr. Claude Anderson, James Clingmanand many others too numerous to mention here, created and established just for the purpose of the actions that are taking place today. This does not mean that the work of Michelle, Ta-Nehisi and Joy is done but others will expand on and continue the journey they brought light upon. Rev. Jessie Jackson and Dr. Anderson can feel proud that their life’s work did not die in vain. They can be proud that others have taken up their mantle and are moving forward with their and many other giants work of which they stood on the shoulders of.

Here we must take some time to expand on the race classification system. It should be clear that we are not here to attempt to coopt anyone’s movement but to provide our opinions due to our adjustments of the #ADOS moniker in this article.

In my opinion it the race classification system should be updated to be more specific for data analysis purposes. Black and white is outdated and needs to be demolished, however for true or real law enforcement purposes on a worldwide scale African, European, Asian, Indian, Native American, etc could be used for unknown identification purposes. African American should be reserved for United States of America Descendants of Slavery, due to their mostly unknown origin from the African Diaspora. The designation also does not connotate a specific location in Africa which should be reserved for others, such as Nigerian Americans, Kenyan Americans, Ethiopian Americans, South African Americans and so on. These can work for people from all over the world making things much less complex and convoluted when dealing with data. Norwegian American, Chinese American, Australian American, Indian American, Bolivian American, Brazilian American and so forth. In a sense eliminating a race connotation altogether and reverting to a system of location-based people once again, thereby helping alleviate the draconian financial systems’ bias against African Americans in their respective locations.

The terminology of “African American” caused confusion in a  way because it was never clearly defined and led to benefits specifically tied to this exceptional group being disseminated to others in many forms, while barely leaving any of those benefits to that group specifically. Antonio Moore clearly defined lines between so called race groups of #ADOS by providing us with a LCSC (Lineage, Class, Struggle, Character) taxonomy. Black, PoC and White is too ambiguous for how it has been used and greatly skews any true data analysis out of proportion. USADOS also alleviates future possible confusion of who #ADOS denominations are specifically due to The America’s north and south differences (North America and South America). Brazilian American Descendants of Slavery, Columbian ADOS, Venezuelan ADOS, Haitian ADOS, Jamaican ADOS, etc.  This could also help in the dissemination of reparations allocations as well.

This is only a suggestion as this is not up to us but the founders of the #ADOS movement. Hopefully, a Think Tank or Foundation of some sort can eventually be started that can address the issues facing African Americans/USADOS and form coalitions with other black and ally organizations to make progressive movements.

With that said, I would also like to take a moment and say a heartfelt, THANK YOU!!! to the world, the allies of African Americans and everyone who believes in civil rights for your support in these troubling times.

The third step in the military strategy is to bring in the main forces. The main forces would be the infantry, tanks, artillery, supply, logistics and any other supporting elements to maintain a sustained front against the opposition.

This is where you, “the people,” come in. You are the main forces, you are the collective of warriors, you are “the change” that can be believed in. This is where you take back your humanity, you have been dehumanized, and called “human capital stock”, by the decadent. This is what you all are being reduced to.  This is where you take back your status as full citizens of this great nation, this where you create a new “Law and Order”, this is where you take back your lives.

You must all understand that it is you who are the government, your elected officials, your sheriffs, your military are here to serve you. Your constitution has been usurped by big money, the financial system and the corporations. As “human capital stock” you have been subverted into servants of these systems to do their will and enrich the decadent while you suffer under their unjust rule. Your elected officials have been turned against you by corporate lobbying, private equity and entrenchment into government organizations through foundations, think tanks and super PACs.

Your government institutions such as OSHA, SEC, IRS, etc have consistently been disempowered to go after the C-Suite and above by both political parties, through neoliberal deregulation, privatization and government downsizing. Speaking of the IRS, taxes could be done free if they were not lobbied against by corporations to make you pay for tax software. At the same time government institutions have been going hard after the little guy, making a big deal out of a small time $10,000 bust or a supposedly fake $20 bill, while corrupt corporations are robbing whole nations for billions. According to Pitchfork Economics “one year” of white-collar crime is equal to “two decades” of street crime. According to Huff Post we are living in a Golden Age of White Collar Crime and it needs to be reeled in. Matt Stoller’s article, How Democrats Killed their Populist Soul, and book, Goliath The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy provides us with some perspective on how we got here and ideas on ways to get out.

Personally, I do not care to be Jonah spit from a whale to tell Nineveh to repent or suffer some divine wrath. However, we were spit out from something much greater than a fish from the sea, much greater than a whale from the ocean, much greater than a Leviathan from the mighty pacific. We were cast from a mold of the educational institutions of the United States, trained by the corporations of the greatest nation of the modern era and delivered to the world from the mightiest government and military the planet earth has to offer. So, we were ejected from a mighty dragon as its offspring, just as millions of others and our time has come to unleash a monstrous, rejuvenating breath of fire upon this nation, that of other nations and our world. If our great nation people are willing to take the leap and vibrate its way to the next stage of evolution by embracing justice and morality and leading earth to greatness by the kindness of paying its dues, the world will be a much better place for us all as humanity.

Salvation for the USADOS is owed, is just and far past due. There should be a late fee on that. Salvation for the United States is to embrace its past and imbue its current citizens with the gifts of its wealth so that it can move forward with its business of leading the world into a just and brighter future. Whatever its future, the inhabitants must consider morality and lift all its citizens and then those of the world to a more moral and just future. Do not twist this statement. Universal Basic Income is not, anywhere near or anything close to reparations for #ADOS or anything close to the repairs needed for this particular class of exceptional people. Universal Basic Income is wholly its own entity and is completely separate from reparations for other issues. With this pivotal moment and the world watching and waiting the US must make the correct choice of morality and justice and cease and desist with its former shenanigans. The United States must move in the correct direction to guide the world in this new era of reform, growth and prosperity. The world, its nations, its states, its citizens, its corporations, its foundations, its institutions and most of all its people will follow due to the movement of just and righteous causes.

However the United States is gravely warned that without this moral and just future the country will continue to spiral down a funnel, a whirlpool, a toilet to destruction, dishonor and despair into nothingness as the many nations before devolved into nothingness. The nations will turn upon you and mock your naivety, as a nation, they will say you were but a babe that did not reach the age of rites of passage. They will speak of your greatness and your even greater downfall due to immaturity and hubris. Unless this country atones for its sins, it will fall into oblivion, owned and occupied by those who knew nothing of its former world status, power and glory.

United States citizens it’s time for you to take back your nation, its time to take back your freedom, its time to take back your lives!