It’s Time to End This PoC Thing!                                                           

16 JUL 2020


It is time to end the “people of color” moniker that is used for everyone on the planet, except for white people. I am tired of it and am sure that many others are. It is a useless term and is completely worn out. Using this term tends to belittle everyone and makes it seems as if white people are a species aside from all the other humans on earth. This needs to cease.

In my opinion, the race classification system should be updated to be more specific for data analysis purposes. People of color is a useless ideology and needs to be demolished. For identification purposes on a worldwide scale African, European, Asian, Indian, Native American, etc could be used for unknown identification purposes when needed. American African since America is the country of our birth or African American should be reserved for United States of America Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), due to their mostly unknown origin from the African Diaspora.

This designation also does not connotate a specific location in Africa which should be reserved for others, such as Nigerian Americans, Kenyan Americans, Ethiopian Americans, South African Americans (African or European) and so on. African or Indian descent could be used for an EU born African or Indian decent person while European descent could be used for something such as a euro South African in America, Australia or Europe of course.

These can work for people from all over the world making things much less complex and convoluted when dealing with data. Norwegian American, Chinese American, Australian American, Indian American, Bolivian American, Brazilian American and so forth. We could even go so far as to say Italian American, Ukrainian American, Polish American for more descriptive purposes foe everyone.

This would help in eliminating a race connotation altogether and reverting to a system of location-based people once again, thereby helping alleviate the draconian financial systems’ bias against African Americans in their respective locations. This would also help greatly with census data and rectifying our terribly corrupt and decrepit financial system.

The terminology of “African American” caused confusion in a  way because it was never clearly defined and led to benefits specifically tied to this exceptional group being disseminated to others in many forms, while barely leaving any of those benefits to that group specifically. Antonio Moore, clearly defined lines between so called race groups of “black” people by providing us with a LCSC (Lineage, Class, Struggle, Character) taxonomy for ADOS. Black, PoC and White is too ambiguous for how it has been used and greatly skews any true data analysis of demographics out of proportion.

African American or better yet American African USADOS also alleviates future possible confusion of who #ADOSdenominations are specifically due to The America’s north and south differences (North America and South America). Brazilian American Descendants of Slavery, Columbian ADOS, Venezuelan ADOS, Haitian ADOS, Jamaican ADOS, etc.  This could also help in the dissemination of reparations allocations as well.

Once we get this PoC thing for blacks, whites, Mexicans, latinx, natives, Indians, Asians, middle easterners ironed out we can get started addressing the issues facing the USA and make progressive movements to get this country headed in the right direction once and for all.