EducateIT (Education Information Technology)

Education / Information Technology Integration / Organizational Bridge Building

We provide strategies, information, services and products to help learners with making plans for useful education initiatives for themselves, teams and organizations, with maximum benefit and minimum debt.

We have three aims:

To lighten the load of modern (stressed and overworked) learner, while proactively alleviating debt for individuals, educators and trainers by creating avenues for the less fortunate among us, to acquire access to resources and or materials that aid the learner in their personal LEAP (Learning Empowerment Ascension Process), bringing innovation to the systems that our infrastructure depends on now and in the future.

To assist educational institutions with the integration of new technologies into their educational practices by creating a platform and network in which problems are heard and addressed, while viable solutions are analyzed, researched and provided.

To build bridges between companies and educational institutions through donations of outdated of equipment from companies wishing to recycle their aging equipment and refurbishing and repurposing them with and for educational institutions as an organizational learning process for the educational institutions. We plan on doing this by creating a new paradigm business and model which can be followed by anyone wishing to and using Lessons Learned to create Best Practices and various media publications to help all.

We want to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate innovation, technology and sustainability in the educational process through eLearning, blended classrooms and assisting educators (schools, training institutions, etc.), individuals and entrepreneurs. We will provide best practices, technology maintenance processes/ideas, software/applications and FOSS information resources to update and improve the use of technology in the classroom for edification and personal enhancement.

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Emergency Management

Risk Management / Disaster Management / Crisis Management / Disaster Recovery

We provide strategies, information, services and products to help people learn about risk & survival, during any crisis or disaster situation. We will present you with informational resources on how to manage risk, and recovery after a situation and managing the transition period from our current situation to that of the new world.

We feel that situations on earth have currently, hit a fork in the road and either direction our world leaders take, the transition, we feel, will face some turbulence.

Hopefully before! during and after this turbulence we will provide you with educational resources to assist you in enduring and arising prosperous on the other side.

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Social Studies

World History / Economics / Philosophy

We provide strategies, information, services and products to help people materialize more of a global mindset and understanding of our new world paradigm. We will strive to present you with informational resources that deepen your personal studies and provides you with insight and qualitative data that helps you gain profound insight into your relationship and connectedness to society and the world.

We will explore the origins of our human society through ancient text, artifacts and documents, religious text and artifacts and new technological breakthroughs which expound on our past providing us with a broader view and deeper insight.

We will provide information on how we got to the current situation, actionable ideas on what to do about it and economic ideas and solutions on how to move forward.

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Autodidact EmPowering

Bennett Media Information Systems provides self-directed & life-long learning strategies for Self-Edification and Personal Enhancement through Education IT, Emergency Management and Social Studies.

Our purpose is to bring Life Long Learning, Education and Information Technology integration as it applies to the educator, individual and entrepreneur to the forefront of today’s eLearning, blended learning, training processes and individual personal enrichment.

We strive to help individuals develop a solid foundation through self-directed & life-long learning strategies so they can be active and productive members of society. We will work to provide informational learning, training and products that assist people with edification and personal development.


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